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How to use the breathing paper?

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2022-08-18 11:06

Breathing paper ensures the thermal insulation performance of the building, improves the air quality of the room, and makes the living environment more warm. The waterproof vapor barrier film must have good air tightness. It can help prevent airflow intrusion, reduce energy consumption, and prevent moisture from overflowing the wall. The waterproof vapor barrier film must have good water resistance, it can assist in maintaining the wall and prevent water from invading from the outer wall cover, and the waterproof vapor barrier film must have moderate water vapor permeability.

It prevents the water molecules from passing through, which prevents the infiltration of water, and makes the breathable film have the function of waterproofing. The technology is at the advanced level in the industry. The polyolefin microporous membrane has good vapor permeability, durable products and long service life. The polyolefin microporous membrane is not only resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, but also has excellent extension performance.

It can maintain and promote the monotony of the wall, the waterproof vapor barrier film must have good durability, it can withstand the harsh environment during the construction process, and maintain its performance for a long time after completion, install the water vapor permeable film, any water vapor needs After passing through the thermal insulation layer of the building or building structure, the water vapor permeable membrane can make the water vapor pass through smoothly. When the water vapor condenses into water droplets on the thermal insulation layer, the water droplets will drop on the moisture-permeable and waterproof vapor-barrier membrane. The vapor membrane is waterproof. The waterproof vapor barrier membrane allows water vapor to pass through, but water droplets cannot. It has its own waterproof performance.

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