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Professional production of waterproof breathable membrane, waterproof vapor barrier membrane, breathing paper, flame retardant waterproof breathable membrane.

Nantong Kingway Complex Material Co.,Ltd.

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Nantong Kingway Complex Material CO., Ltd (Nantong Hekway Building Material CO., Ltd) is a leading professional manufacturer in China, which locates in Haian State-grade Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Our Main products: 1.nonwoven fabric, composite nonwoven fabric, film laminated nonwoven fabric.2.PE or PP breathable film.3.Building material: breathable roofing underlayment and housewrap, vapor barrier, heat insulation membrane and foil.4.Medical material: disposable medical product, medical bed sheet, protective coverall.5.Packing material.6.Household product.We not only have first-class processing line, but have first-grade quality management. We have been qualified by ISO9001 (quality) and CE, this system can supply active way to guarantee the quality.

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Kingway has passed the icc-es factory inspection in the United States and BBA factory inspection in the United Kingdom. PP spunbond non-woven fabric and waterproof breathable membrane products have passed the testing of the national building materials testing center, the European CE certification and the British BBA certification.


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Building waterproof Association
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Group member unit of Steel Structure Association

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We specialize in the production of waterproof and breathable membrane, waterproof and vapor barrier membrane, breathing paper, and flame-retardant waterproof and breathable membrane. It is widely used in construction, medical treatment, packaging, household goods and other industries.

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Domestic and foreign customers visit our factory for field visits


Our company warmly received guests from afar. Accompanied by the principal of each department, the customer visited the company's factory production workshop, finished product stacking area and site construction area. During the visit, our company's accompanying personnel gave the customer a detailed product introduction and gave professional answers to the questions raised by the customer. Rich professional knowledge and good working ability also left a deep impression on customers.

Development history of waterproof and breathable membrane


In the 1950s, German architects found that the self-adhesive and airtight characteristics of asphalt waterproofing membrane and coating waterproofing materials led to the residual water in the concrete structure being enclosed in the structure, and the water vapor in the concrete structure could not be released, which led to the breeding of mold on the roof and wall, and the indoor air quality and human health were seriously threatened. Therefore, the German construction industry began to use the roof cushion with air permeability to replace the self-adhesive coiled material and film waterproof. This air permeability cushion is laid on the roof base layer, so that the water vapor of the cast-in-situ concrete roof panel can be quickly discharged, thus avoiding the breeding of mold.

What are the advantages of laying waterproof and breathable membrane on sloping roof?


The waterproof and vapor permeable membrane on the sloping roof not only strengthens the water tightness of the building, but also makes the water vapor of the structure discharge rapidly, protects the thermal performance of the enclosure structure, avoids the breeding of mold on the roof, and improves the air quality of the room.

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