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How is the waterproof vapor barrier film waterproof?

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2022-08-18 11:06

The working principle of the waterproof vapor barrier membrane can be divided into two types: microporous and hydrophilic groups. The waterproof and breathable membrane adopts the former, because the minimum diameter of water droplets is about 20 microns, while the diameter of water vapor molecules is only about 0.0004 microns. , There is a huge difference between the diameters of the two, water vapor can pass through the microporous membrane by the principle of diffusion, and liquid water or water droplets are due to the effect of surface tension.

It prevents water molecules from passing through, which avoids the occurrence of water infiltration, and makes the breathable membrane waterproof. The technology is at an advanced level in the industry. The polyolefin microporous film has good vapor permeability, durable products and long service life. The polyolefin microporous film is not only resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, but also has excellent extension performance.

After nails are pierced, it can quickly rebound to increase the sealing performance. The waterproof and breathable membrane is widely used in civil and commercial buildings. The building structure using the waterproof and breathable membrane is known as the "breathing house". The waterproof and breathable membrane is laid on the insulation layer. In order to effectively maintain the thermal insulation layer, there is no need to pour fine stone concrete on the thermal insulation layer. The optimization of the plan reduces the construction cost. In recent years, the Chinese government has paid more and more attention to building energy conservation. Although the application of waterproof and breathable membrane technology is still in the domestic In the initial stage, people's understanding of windproof, waterproof, and vapor permeability has long existed, and with the deepening of energy saving and environmental protection requirements, it has gradually become the focus of the industry.

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