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KINGWAY WP260 is a kind of permeable roof membrane for construction,on a pitched roof, directly under the roof. This one is composed of four layers.

Keywords:  Waterproof Backer Board | Building Tape | Composite Nonwoven

Product Details


Non-woven fabric, underneath is a waterproof and highly breathable functional film.

Micro is a non-woven fabric, which can reduce the risk of mechanical damage and further reduce wear

The east-west net used inside the whole thing ensures a high level.

The durability of the product.



Weight, g/m2 260

Water tightness, W1 level

Reaction to fire, class E

Water vapor transmission rate, >=1500g/(m2.24h)

Maximum tensile force (MD), N/50mm 1000 ±40

Maximum tensile force (CD), N/50mm 920 ±30

Maximum length ratio tensile force (MD),% 100 ±20%

Maximum length rate pull (CD),% 120 ±20%

Anti-hammer MD (nail handle), N 450 ±20

Anti-CD (nail handle), N 450 ±20

Our Main products:

1.nonwoven fabric, composite nonwoven fabric, film laminated nonwoven fabric

2.PE or PP breathable film

3.Building material: breathable roofing underlayment and housewrap, vapor barrier, heat insulation membrane and foil

4.Medical material: disposable medical product, medical bed sheet, protective coverall

5.Packing material

6.Household product

We not only have first-class processing line, but have first-grade quality management. We have been qualified by ISO9001 (quality) and CE, this system can supply active way to guarantee the quality. We have exported to many countries, such as Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, CZ, Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK, Germany, Greece and so on.

With a group of excellent senior management and hi-tech R& D personnel and our skilled workers, we can supply you the goods with competitive prices and better quality. We look forward to establish friendly and long term relationship with you in the near future.

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